Leaf Issues

Leaf malformations in Organic Cannabis are generally an indication of something affecting the roots… the leaves are an “outlet” for the plant having root issues and the plant sends these signals to the oldest and least valuable leaves… when you pull those leaves the plant is left with no choice but to¬†express this affliction in the next leaves on the list… it’s best to LEAVE the damaged leaves on the plant until the plant is showing signs of recovery… ALSO… those leaves contain “mobile nutrients” – things like Nitrogen and a few others… these mobile nutrients can be extracted by the plant from the leaves and transported to other locations in the plant where they are doing the most good… by removing the leaves you are stealing the plant’s resources for these nutrients and now not only does the plant have an issue uptaking from the roots it’s more available, already processed source of nutrients has been taken away as well… inducing more stress. The “crap leaves” are valuable to the plant… the aesthetics be damned… which is what most people are thinking about… “oh my plant don’t look pretty so I will make it look pretty” and then the plants “pretty” parts start looking crappy too… Hope this is making sense.