Rancho Primero Organic Cannabis

Welcome to Rancho Primero Cannabis.

We have been in this business for well over 40 years with combined cultivation experience of more than 60 years… We are not here for the Green-Rush… in fact, we are here for the long haul for one reason only… We have already done the long haul.  As far as we’re concerned we’ve arrived at our destination. That destination is that now for the first time in out lives we can bring you what we have spent a lifetime perfecting.

The Finest Organic Cannabis Flowers.

Our goal is high quality, clean, beautiful, Organic Cannabis, treated with respect and delivered to you, the discerning customer, the consumer that knows what real sun-grown, organic herb should taste like.

Premium Organic Cannabis

Varieties descriptions



Growing business

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The Farm

Situated in coastal mountains of Mendocino County in the northern reaches of Californias historical Appellation Cannabis region Rancho Primero Cannabis strives to produce the highest quality flowers of specific varieties proprietary to the climate and region.

Grown at 1770 feet of elevation in premium Organic soils, watered with mineral rich mountain well water that is extracted in accordance with strict environmental regulations to assure fisheries and wildlife remain unaffected by our farming practices and bathed in the full sun of south facing coastal Mendocino mountains our farm is the optimal environment for Northern California’s time-honored cannabis varieties.